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Introducing Anthea

Hi there,

I've been making jewellery for over 20 years now and I balance working on my creations with my 'day job' as a chartered civil engineer and bringing up three crazy children. We live in York with our menagerie... consisting of a very loud cat, our beautiful retired greyhound, three crazy chickens, a fish and a tortoise!!

I love my job as a dam engineer, it takes me to some of the most beautiful parts of England and Wales, although I have an especially soft spot for North Wales, its mountains and the lovely people. When I'm not working there, you can usually find me 'taking a break there', either up a mountain or out on my road bike with my boyfriend!

Typical day at work

Cycling in Snowdownia

Making Process

All my work is crafted using traditional jewellery making and silversmithing techniques. There are no short cuts (which can be very frustrating at times!). All my work is very personal, with the design developed specifically for that individual. I create pieces from precious metals (mostly gold and silver) and adorn my designs with gemstones, enamels and found objects. My current work is exploring a theme of 'woodland peculiarities' with an ever growing collection of pieces based around the flora and fauna of the woodland, including: toadstools, ferns, acorns, conkers, snails, and (watch this space) beetles.

I have my own makers studio, which is fully equipped and is my favourite place to be! There is nothing better than my favourite Spotify playlist.. a nice cup of cherry tea and a project to get stuck into.. heaven!

I'm always happy to talk about my jewellery, discuss new ideas and inspirations or design someone specifically for an individual. I love to hear from people that have discovered my jewellery, so don't be shy, please get in touch!


I am mesmerised by the natural world, the more rugged and unpopulated the better. My inspirations come mainly from experiences I have had and places I have visited. The idea of lost items dropped in a woodland and nature slowly enveloping them was a starting point for my woodland peculiarities collection, combining velvet and textiles with pieces made from precious metals and gemstones. My growing passion for toadstools started with my friend introducing me to the work of the incredible textile artist Mr Finch and is now evident throughout most of my work. I enjoy taking photographs of toadstools I discover on my adventures with my family and these become my inspiration for future pieces.

My study of toadstools has developed to incorporate more of the woodland into my designs. This has included the idea of young fern leaves unfurling and spreading their tendrils, flowers bursting into colour across the seasons and the crunch of fallen leaves, beech nuts and conkers in the autumn months. My next challenges include the development of a sparkling gemstone beetle to be worn as a statement brooch. I have always been nervous around large beetles, but a visit to the Natural History Museum with my kids allowed me to study them upclose and I was amazed by the intricacies of their wings and the patterns on their backs.