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Vintage toadstools

My obsession with toadstools is evident through my jewellery. Using my growing collection of velvets and vintage fabrics I create decorative toadstools, in a wide range of colours and fabrics. Used to adorn hanging baubles, found objects, items special to the client, or simply presented on bark. Please contact me if you would like me to develop something specific for you.

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Velvet toadstool with snail

Velvet and vintage fabric toadstool set on bark adorned with a sterling silver snail. Contact me to discuss current fabric choices

Made to order £40

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Toadstool 'Deeley bopper' headband

Vintage fabrics, velvets and taffeta. No two are the same.

10 in Stock £30

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Vintage fabric toadstools

Toadstools to decorate the home, made to order in a variety of velvets and other vintage fabrics

Made to order £20

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Equine toadstools

Personalised fabric toadstools wrapped around equine memorabilia. Bespoke piece incorporating the clients passion and using personalised materials.

Made to order

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